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    "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen" the voice of the pale, ginger-haired Goddess of Gluttony echoed throughout the newly-reconstructed stadium. The audience roared. It felt good for the goddess to be where she belonged, in front of a massive crowd of worshipers who adored witnessing acts of gluttony.

    "Today, we have two competitors who will face off against each other, the winner being whoever's hunger is the strongest. The winner will be granted a wish by yours truly. Anyways, it's time to introduce the next potential gluttonous champions!"

    She waved her hand, summoning the champions she had chosen to the center of the arena. The first was Marceline, the Vampire Queen, from the Land of Ooo. The half-demoness had extremely pale, grey skin, and a lithe body with modest breasts and rear. She floated off the ground, her raven-colored hair waving in the slight breeze. 

    The next was Barbara Gordon, otherwise known as Batgirl. She wore a suit similar to that of Batman, complete with the pointy-eared cowl, from which her red hair flowed down to her shoulders.

    The two women exchanged eye contact for a brief moment, before backing away from each other, and then gazing up towards the pale, nude goddess who brought them there. 

    "Ah, I bet you're wondering why I brought you here" she said with a smile. "Well, I am the Goddess of Gluttony, and am eternally searching for new champions to grant my power. So, to test your worthiness, one of you must consume the other. The survivor will receive a wish from me. Understood?"

    "Wait, eat her?" Batgirl said, looking over towards her opponent. 

    "Like this" The Goddess said, grabbing a random person from the nearest seat, cramming him into her mouth. She gulped him down quickly, and before long he was struggling within her divine gut, with no hope of escaping before he was digested. 

    "See? Simple!" she said. 

    "I don't know if I can..." Barbara said. Meanwhile, Marceline had already pounced on her, mouth open, vampiric fangs exposed, ready to swallow the heroine whole. 

    "Get off!" Batgirl said, kicking hard with her two legs, sending Marceline flying off of her. Batgirl gritted her teeth. She wouldn't be able to force herself to eat another human, would she? Well, whatever her opponent was, she certainly wasn't human. 

    This became even more clear as Marceline levitated off the ground after being struck back by Batgirl's blow, preventing her from hitting the ground.

    "Not bad" Marceline said, dusting herself off with a wicked smile. In anticipation for her opponent's next move, Batgirl reached into her belt, tossing a series of knock-out gas pellets at her opponent.

    They hissed on impact, bursting into clouds of greyish-white gas. Unfortunately for Batgirl, however, Marceline's vampiric nature meant she didn't need to breathe, as she harmlessly passed through the gas before it dissipated in the wind.

    "Try again" Marceline said, almost casual in how slowly she was approaching her would-be meal. 

    Batgirl reached for her next gadget, a batarang, hurling it at Marceline with a speed too fast for even the Vampire Queen to react to. The sharp projectile lodged itself in her shoulder, drawing a bit of blood as Marceline pulled it out, looking more offended than injured. 

    "Ugh, I really liked this shirt!" she said. Batgirl wasted no time while her opponent was distracted, and with a heavy blush on her face, hurled herself towards the vampire with her mouth wide open.

    Instead of getting a mouthful of Marceline, Batgirl found herself gulping down air. Marceline had turned herself into a small, fluffy bat, and flown out of Batgirl's reach as she chomped down. Marceline's bat form would have been adorable, if it wasn't for the fact that it would make the process of defeating and devouring her opponent that much more difficult for Barbara. 

    "Ugh, I'm starting to hate bats" she said, as Marceline shifted back into her normal form. 

    "Then you'll really hate this" Marceline said, as her body shifted and grew, turning into a much larger version of the bat she was moments earlier. She hissed, smashing one of her massive fists into the ground in front of Barbara, sending her tumbling back. 

    Nimbly, Barbara managed to get back on her feet, just in time for Marceline to unleash a devastating punch right to Barbara's midsection, that beastly bad-fist reducing her to her knees, clutching her stomach in agony and shock. She panted, trying to catch her breath, as she saw Marceline transform once again through her blurred vision.

    Instead of morphing into some other beastly monstrosity, she turned into her normal form, mouth stretching open to accommodate the crippled Batgirl. She grabbed the would-be heroine, fitting her easily in her most, eager mouth, head-first. Her sharp, vampiric teeth lightly scraped against Batgirl's back, creating two parallel cuts in her suit as she was dragged further and further towards her stomach.

    Marceline's throat bulged and squirmed, as Batgirl struggled uselessly in her numb, confused state. With a smug look on her face and a satisfied gulp, Marceline swallowed Batgirl completely, reducing the once proud vigilante into a squirming mass in her bloated grey gut. Marceline laughed, patting her belly and releasing a strong, powerful burp to celebrate her meal. 

    "Excellent, Marceline, you are the winner" the goddess said. "Now, you will be granted a wish. What is the wish you choose?"

    Marceline shrugged, letting out a rude *UUUUUUUUUURP* again. "Mm, well, this is pretty fun, having someone squirm in my gut like this. I think I'd like to eat like this instead of absorbing red"

    "Granted" the goddess said, sending Marceline back to her own world, no doubt to devour even more living creatures in the future.
    Aranea was never exactly the most active of the trolls, her mouth being the part of her that generally moved the most throughout the day (and not in the same way that Porrim’s did, allegedly). However, she had somehow managed to fall significantly out of shape, her own rear now resembling the bloated backside of an actual spider. Well, her rear wasn't the only part that rounded out, the rest of her having swollen as well into a wobbling, lardy sphere. 

    And because of her absolutely comical increase in weight, every small movement became a struggle to her. Even lifting her feet would cause thick beads of sweat to cascade from her grey forehead.

    But, Aranea wouldn't let her rotund form stop her, waddling over to her exposition booth. By time she took a few steps, however, she was already panting, and would take a break to cram some food item into her mouth before attempting to carry on. The smallest of movements became herculean, and by time she reached her booth she felt as though she was going to collapse.

    "That was...a 8it harder...than I expected" she said, mouth gaping open, taking big, desperate breaths, her fat body merely slumping over to take a rest. By time she awoke, she hadn't a clue what time it was, or if anyone even had any interest in going to her booth. She was now driven by a sense of duty, to overcome her obscene fatness and continue her daily life regardless.

    With a belch, she began work on her last task: fitting her body into the booth. She slid in, slowly, the booth pinching her fat as she tried to force her way in. With gentle scoots, which still took a lot out of her, she finally managed to cram her entire gluttonous form inside.

    For a brief moment, anyways. The wood booth creaked, almost as if crying out for help, before simply bursting from Aranea's size, splintered bits flying in every direction, propelled by the force of her jiggly, bouncy blubber.
    Roxy's mouth hung open, as she accepted an onslaught of fattening food from a trio of feeders. The foodstuffs that were currently filling up her gut and slowly rendering her immobile were none other than the pastries and sweets created by her friend, Jane Crocker.

    Jane, Roxy's slightly pudgy, bespectacled friend was among this trio of fatteners, along with two of her other friends, Dirk Strider and Jake English.

    The cakes were absolutely delicious, so Roxy certainly had no complaints as more and more of it was crammed into her awaiting mouth. In addition to being large, and delicious, the cakes were quite fattening, with Roxy gaining a noticeable layer of pudge for each one she gulped down. 

    Before long, her shirt began to ride up, stretching and straining to accommodate her ceaselessly bloating belly. 

    Her friends began working in shifts as they filled her, one of them cramming the cakes into her mouth, while the other two would rub her swollen, wobbly gut, eliciting small, delighted moans from the Lalonde.

    Roxy had little time between each cake that she was forced to eat, her feeder barely pausing long enough for her to let out a belch and release some of the gas from within that bloated tummy.

    In addition to her stomach fattening, the rest of her body soon followed, her thighs, rear, arms, breasts, and just about everything else gaining a serious addition of fat.

    Her shirt was long gone at this point, in addition to her bras and panties, only scraps of pink and white cake-covered fabric scattered on the floor to remember them by. Now, in addition to her gut, Roxy could feet her breasts being fondled by the Alpha Kids who weren't occupied with shoving cake in her face.

    And then, Roxy crossed a threshold, rendered an immobile, helpless blob of fat. She was unable to move, or do anything, and the stream of cakes only hastened from here. As her helpless, lardy body continued to swell, showing no signs of stopping or slowing down, Jane and Jake began groping all over, fondling and running their hands all over Roxy's many rolls of fat, unable to distinguish what part of her body was what. Roxy was now a mountain of flesh, able only to wobble, and occasionally moan or belch at her friend's touch, existing only to get larger and eat more cake.
I'm open for story commissions, price is negotiable, anyone interested?


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