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I decided to make my icon the cutest picture of Vriska I could find
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"Ladies, gentleman, and otherwise" an announcer said in a booming voice, filling the stadium. He was shortish, but with a confident stance that made him appear much taller. He wore a sky blue suit, and had blond hair that was neatly slicked back. He smiled constantly, as if he was incredibly pleased with himself all the time "Vorarephiles of all ages, welcome to the first of many Vore Tournaments that will be held in this lovely stadium!"

The crowd gave an enthusiastic cheer, and the announcer smiled as he saw how packed the stadiums were. He honestly didn't know there would be this much of an audience for this type of thing, but he was glad there was; he would most certainly be getting a sizable paycheck by the end of the night.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand..." he said, trying to create dramatic tension with a long pause between his words "Tonight, we have two lovely ladies competing to defeat one another and avoiding an unfortunate fate..."

He gestured towards one end of the stadium, where a curvaceous green-haired woman, with a pair of bat wings sticking out of her hair, began to strut towards the middle of the stadium with confidence and seduction in each step. With each motion she made, her heavy bosom gave a slight heave up and down.

"Coming to you from the Darkstalkers universe, the succubus, daughter of Belial of the Aensland house, the thrill-seeking temptress of the night, Morrigan Aensland!"

The crowd erupted in cheer, and one remarkably loud "I love you Morrigan!" could be heard above the shouting. Morrigan gave a sly smile, and a bow, savoring the attention the crowd gave her.

The announcer paused, and pointed to the other entrance. From it walked another woman, clad in black latex, wearing a pair of goggles, and what appeared to be fake cat ears built into her suit at the top of her head. The front of her suit was unzipped, as to show off a fair amount of cleavage. In her hand, she carried a black bullwhip. She turned towards Morrigan, and scowled, giving her whip an intimidating crack. Morrigan proceeded to giggle sarcastically into her hand.

"And coming to you from the world of Batman, I present to you, the expert thief, Selina Kyle, the Catwoman!"

She was greeted with equally thunderous applause.

"Now, I hope you lovely ladies are familiar with the rules of the game, but if not, here they are"

The announcer pulled out a slip of paper, and began to read

"To goal of this game is for one challenger to swallow the other, and ultimately digest them. Digesting the opponent is the only way to win. If your opponent is not defeated by eating them, the victory will not be counted, and the game will end in a stalemate. If you find yourself swallowed, you have until you are completely digested to escape and continue fighting. Once you are digested, you have lost, even if you have some way to revive yourself afterwords. Morrigan, do you understand?"

Morrigan nodded

"And Selina, do you understand?"

She nodded as well.

"Then, without further ado, let the first Vore Tournament begin!"

Before Selina could make her first move, Morrigan gave her a sly grin, and said, in her Scottish accent, with its flirty inflections

"What a pretty kitty you are. I think I'm in for a fun night. I'd love to see you put that whip to good use"

She gave a slight laugh, and Selina immediately lunged at her, clearly not in the mood for any more taunts. She lashed her whip with all of her might, and immediately followed that up with a powerful blow from the claws on her hands, causing two small gashes to open up on either side of Morrigan's face. She laughed again.

"Kinky, are we? I always liked a partner with a little bite"

The applause grew louder. Selina had concluded that Morrigan's flirtatious nature could not be quelled, and that if she wanted to give the crowd a good show, she would play along. Anyways, it wasn't like she wasn't a bit of a tease herself.

"Well, this is going to be tough if you get turned on every time I try to hurt you"

Morrigan smiled. "I guess you do know how to have fun" she said. "It's a shame I'm going to end up digesting you, I would've loved to play with you a bit more"

Selina gave her whip another crack. "There's no reason we couldn't play now"

"Nice try, but I think I'll focus on winning for now. Making a meal out of you will be fun enough"

Morrigan proceeded to dash towards Selina, and with great speed, swung one of her mighty legs upwards, forming an arcing motion that required a superhuman amount of flexibility. It hit Selina square in the jaw, knocking her to her knees. She wasn't used to anyone landing a hit on her at all, much less one of so much force. She scavenged her brain for some clever, seductive thing to say, but she couldn't think of any, and instead, gave a soft grunt, and tried to return to her feet. She found, however, that the sheer force of the blow had stunned her, and Morrigan had already reached her, and was standing over her. 

Gently, Morrigan put her hand underneath Selina's hood, and pulled it off, revealing her jet black hair. Slowly, Morrigan lowered her face down to the top of Selina's head, and Selina could feel a moist sensation begin to wash over the top of her head. She could feel Morrigan's tongue rubbing itself on her head, and then eventually to her face as more of her mouth enveloped Selina. She felt a mix of confusion and... intrigue at how loving her tongue seemed to be. She almost forgot that the risk of digestion was looming overhead. She could hear the crowd, with its mixed chants of "Selina" and "Morrigan" clashing over one another. 

Wasting no more time, she thrust her body forwards, kneeing Morrigan directly in the stomach. She groaned, and stumbled back, spitting out Selina's head and gripping her wounded stomach. "Not bad" she coughed. "You almost managed to hurt me"

Selina knew she was lying, by her wounded stance and the way she gripped her midriff, her last-ditch effort had clearly done serious damage. A cornered rat will bite a cat, and apparently, a cornered cat will knee a succubus. 

Using this opening to her advantage, she whipped out her bolas, and flailed them over her head, before throwing them at Morrigan, aiming low. They spun around her feet, until they became taut, causing Morrigan to fall to the ground, incapacitated. Selina dashed over to her, and knelt down, placing the succubus's feet in her mouth. She began to drag more and more of her body into her gaping maw, hoping to swallow her before she could find a way to escape.

A a sizable bulge began to appear on Selina's throat, and moved downwards as more and more of her opponent entered her body. It seemed as if Selina had this in the bag, and the crowd seemed to agree, with its echoing chants of her name.

As soon as Selina was up to Morrigan's thighs, Morrigan began to move into action, putting her fists together. From them sprung what appeared to be a ghostly bat skull, surrounded by a fiery aura, viciously gnawing at whatever laid ahead of it. "Soul fist!" Morrigan proclaimed as she fired it.

The blast struck Selina, knocking her mouth off of Morrigan. "Darkness Illusion!" the stunned Selina could hear Morrigan shout. Once Selina's vision cleared, she was greeted with not one, but two Morrigans, one on either side of her. They proceeded to dash towards Selina, launching a dizzying array of punches and kicks, culminating by knocking Selina into the air. 

Selina closed her eyes, and braced for a hard landing on the ground, but instead, she fell somewhere far... softer.

She felt every inch of her body immediately surrounded by moist, drippy wetness. Upon opening her eyes, she found herself in darkness. She screamed, and thrashed her body around, but to no avail.

From the outside, the audience was witnessing a quite different scene, that was, of Morrigan, standing straight and tall, with her bloated gut jutting enormously from her body, stretching her tight outfit to its very limits. She gave it a proud pat, to show her victory. Bulges appeared throughout her belly, from Selina's latch ditch effort to escape. "Mmmm, keep struggling" she said naughtily. "It feels lovely. And you tasted pretty great too. I only wish I had more time to savor your flavor"

Selina's shouts could be heard from the inside of Morrigan's stomach, muffled as they were. Morrigan paused for a moment, took in a deep breath, and let out an enormous, thunderous belch, loud enough to be heard over all the screams and cheers of the audience. The crowd erupted in applause. Selina's kicks and punches from within had finally ceased. 

"Well, it looks as though Selina has finally been digested. The winner is Morrigan Aensland!"

Morrigan took a bow, and was met with the loudest round of praise yet, which she assumed was because of her stunning victory, but it was actually because her breasts had accidentally popped out of her top, from all the stretching her outfit had to endure. Her swollen bosom, with its rosy pink nipples, was now fully visible to the entire audience. Deciding to have some fun, Morrigan grabs them, and showed them off. "You like these?" she said, giving her stomach another pat. "Because Selina's going to make them a whole lot bigger" she said, addressed to her stomach. "Well, I think that's enough fun for now. I think it's about time to dispose of my meal"

She strutted off, with the same confidence as when she had entered, her mighty breasts still jigging with each step she took.

"Ladies and gentlemen, can we have another round of applause for tonight's victor, Morrigan Aensland?"

The End.
I'm about to make a series involving vore tournaments. Any matches anyone would like to see first?
1. :icon34qucker: Marceline and Bubblegum by 34Qucker Marceline and Bubblegum - Inside by 34Qucker Double Dueler by 34Qucker

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