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The announcer was dressed special today. He wore a red shirt with a golden star along with khaki shorts and had a cat-eared hood covering his head. “Welcome!” He called to the audience. “For this tournament, we have a couple of the strongest and most beautiful woman in the world! From beach city, we have Garnet! And from the distant and alternate land of Ooo, we have Canyon!”

Two tall and strong women stood on the battlefield of the Vore Tournament arena. Both of these ladies were incredibly large, easily measuring in at two or three times the height of the average men. These two women were also incredibly unique in their own right.

The first and the taller of the two was called Canyon. She was built very strong, but was thin and lanky. A green tunic barely covered her body from her chest to her thighs, but the tunic did not have trouble containing her relatively small bosom and posterior. However, she looked prepared. Her long blue hair and sky blue skin gave off an aura of intensity about her. Canyon was, without a doubt, ready for battle.

The second woman was several feet shorter than Canyon, but easily made up for it with her thick legs, strong arms, and well constructed chest. The tight red and violet clothing of her legs barely contained the muscled limbs and strong bottom. Her breasts were punctuated by the star on her top, and her red-tinted skin on her head was protected by a massive black hair doo and reflective visors. This woman was called Garnet.

Garnet stared at her opponent, or at least, it looked like she was, her eyes being hidden behind her visor and all. She cracked her knuckles, biting the lower half of her plump lips, and giving Canyon a thumbs down without a word.

Canyon felt strange taking such a gesture. One part of her wanted to lash out immediately, but the other part thought that wouldn’t be fun. She arched her back and took a low stance, walking towards Garnet. Canyon was thankful that the field had been expanded today, as it would be hard for her to fight in a small environment.

Canyon, being taller than Garnet, cast a shadow over her that would have intimidated someone else, but not Garnet. She turned her head towards the announcer, shouting.

"Announcer! I'm ready to start"

Canyon looked at Garnet, and then at the announcer’s box. “I’m ready as well!”

The Announcer smiled. “May the battle begin!”

Canyon attacked first. She used her sheer length and speed to lash out her arm at Garnet’s leg. She tripped the woman, sending Garnet onto her rear.

Fortunately for Garnet, her rather generous rear cushioned the blow quite nicely. She got back to her feet, and summoned her weapon, a pair of powerful gauntlets around each hand. She sprung up towards the giantess, hitting her square in the stomach with massive force.

Canyon was shaken by the attack and actually let out a small burp. The force of the blow made her whole gut uncomfortable and queasy. Canyon kept her crouched stance to remain level with Garnet and punched the red woman twice.

The first of Canyon's massive blue fists hit Garnet's chest, the most resilient part of her body, causing her to couch but maintain her poise. The next, however, hit her square in the face, shattering her visor, revealing a trio of eyes, red, blue, and purple, all narrowed at Canyon.

Canyon took this revelation pretty well. She had seen some pretty weird things back in Ooo. She used Garnet’s moment of hesitation as an opportunity to strike. The blue woman lashed out several more times with her arms before sweeping a low kick with her long legs. However, Canyon’s kick missed, and she fell off balance.

Garnet gritted her teeth, weathering the series of blows through sheer willpower. Seeing that Canyon had fallen, she leapt into the air, balling her fists together, and bringing down her gauntlets to Canyon's stomach with the force of a cannonball.

Canyon nearly threw up due to the sheer force of the blow. She grabbed Garnent’s arms and slung the woman away from her. Canyon stood back up, panting for air. She ran at Garnet again and kicked low, causing the gem to fall again. Canyon now towered over Garnet. The blue woman stomped her foot on the red gem’s stomach.

Garnet was certainly strong, but even the leader of the Gems couldn't just shrug off a giantess's foot directly to the stomach. Upon trying to stand, Garnet found herself limping, panting heavily. It had been a very, very long time since she was last pushed this far. "I can't lose" she said, limping towards Canyon. "I have to win this...for Earth"

She held her arms out, her gauntlets increasing in size, until each one could dwarf Canyon on its own. Still somehow able to lift these massive gloves, she clutched them around Canyon, pinning the giantess in place.

Canyon herself was no weakling and proportionally extremely strong. But, her strength was no match for the gauntlets that kept her trapped. Only her head could move, and this left her in a scary position. “Let me go!” She growled at Garnet. “This is not fair!”

Garnet grunted, trying to support the unbelievable weight of both the gauntlets and the giantess trapped between them. With a mighty grunt, she flung Canyon into the air, and during her descent, she opened her mouth, waiting for the giantess to fall in.

Garnet had aimed very poorly. Instead of throwing Canyon straight up, she threw the blue giantess slightly to the left. This caused Canyon to crash into the stands. The impact of the Giantess flattened several rows, and sent people running for better seats. However, two people stayed. Canyon, desperate for more energy, grabbed both of them, one in each of her giant hands.

Garnet muttered something under her breath, the kind of word she would never dare to say in front of Steven. She took a deep breath, trying to rebuild the energy she needed to haul the massive gauntlets again.

Canyon shoved both of the bystanders into her mouth and swallowed them in a single gulp. This caused her already tattered tunic to tear, and her stomach to bloat. Canyon laughed. She rubbed her gurgling stomach and let a large burp roll out of her mouth. She walked off the stands, feeling slightly rejuvenated.

Garnet grinned. "You know, all you're doing is making yourself a more filling meal" she said, taking another swing at Canyon with her massive fists. Meanwhile, the announcer had fled the scene, after seeing Canyon land in the seats and realizing that he could easily be next.

Canyon was again sent flying into the stands, and her landing caused several rows to faint. Her body felt like one giant bruise, but she still managed to laugh. “I’m making my girth larger so I don’t end up a part of yours!” Her stomach growled in approval. A young woman made another bulge in Canyon’s throat before she was sent into the giantess’ belly. A few more people bloated the gurgling gut even more, making it decently sizable. This gave the image that Canyon was a few months pregnant with a growling baby.

Canyon burped again, her body fresh with energy. She jumped off the stands and kicked Garnet, sending her back into a wall.

Garnet was forced into the stands, creating a crater by her impact and sending several bystanders flying. She could have easily eaten people to restore strength just as Canyon had, but she would never eat the humans she had worked to hard to protect. She turned to a man directly outside the radius of her crater, eating some fries rather nonchalantly. "Mind if I have those?" she asked. The man nodded, scooting over, and placing the fries into Garnet's comically large fist.

"Thank you" she said, returning her arm to normal size, and cramming the fries into her mouth, before expanding her gauntlets again.

"Ready for round 2?" she said, feeling her energy replenish, standing back to her feet.

Canyon started to run again, but her full stomach made running slightly harder. She eventually loped into the stands, landing near Garnet. “I’ll let you finish all that, but we’re taking this back to the field. We both have a battle to finish.” For good measure, reached back to a food cart and gave it to Garnet, but she took the man who had been eating the fries. As per custom, she swallowed him with very little effort.

Garnet gritted her teeth. "Alright" she said, tearing open the food card, and cramming everything inside into her mouth after banishing her gauntlets. Her stomach swelled and gurgled with the food she was filled with, and her massive gauntlets returned, ready to smack Canyon into submission once again.

Canyon hopped back onto the field. She looked around, and the stadium was completely empty, except for her and Garnet. Most of the occupants had fled, but nearly a dozen had been eaten.

Garnet lifted one of her massive fists into the air, bringing it down on Canyon like an enormous hammer.

Any hope that Canyon had in winning was lost. The fist hurt, and drove her into the ground like a nail. Well, most of her. Canyon’s blue belly kept her upper half from sinking into the ground. “Wow. I did not expect this.” Canyon said, looking at the perceptively taller Garnet.

"How about this?" she said, the newly energized Garnet grabbing Canyon once again, and, instead of hurling her, she forced her into her mouth with incredible power, giving her barely a second between her head sliding between her plump lips and the rest of her body falling into her stomach.

As Garnet's belly filled with the blue giantess, it swelled out to unbelievable size, filling up half the stadium. As Canyon struggled within her, Garnet let out a belch, powerful enough to shake the ground and cause parts of the arena to collapse.

Canyon writhed and struggled within Garnet’s gut. The blue giantess was not going down without a fight! She thrashed, struggled, and yelled, trying to draw off the slowly rising acids. Canyon let out a large belch, hoping to prolong her struggle. All she did was start to give Garnet a bad case of indigestion.

Garnet continued to belch as Canyon's struggles made her more and more gassy, her thunderous burps eventually reducing the entire stadium to rubble. Garnet's acids were aggressive, and even a strong-willed and massive prey like Canyon would not last much longer.

Canyon still had the will to struggle, but she had lost the energy. She lost consciousness and collapsed into the fetal position. Her body softened, soon to be completely digested and absorbed by Garnet.

Garnet's mammoth belly had shrunk, still incredibly large, but less so, as Canyon was digested. The fat from her meal rounded out her belly and chest quite a significant amount, but most of it went to her lower half. Her already juicy thighs and rear had gotten a serious improvement, her thighs now thick as tree trunks and her butt almost bigger than her entire body.

Garnet looked around, seeing if the announcer was around to declare her victory. Unfortunately, he was gone, as was the arena, and all of the spectators.

"Hello?" Garnet called out. 

"Ah, a real shame" a voice said. Before Garnet appeared a woman, a very voluptuous woman, with wide hips, large breasts, and, most distinctively, a large, bulging stomach. Her skin was pale, and freckled, and her hair was long and red.

"Who are you?" Garnet asked. 

"A goddess. Well, The Goddess. The Goddess of Gluttony. These contests have been my doing, and I trusted my son to host them for the time being. Unfortunately, it seems that the tournaments may have gotten out of hand, and a mortal host simply will not do"

The Goddess waved her hand, and from the rubble, the arena was rebuilt, the fractured stone and metal reforming into the stands, the cracks in the ground mending themselves. 

"So, from now on, I will host these tournaments. Of course, that won't mean much to you, considering that you've won. But, here's something that does concern you. I've had trouble finding new contestants, as the simple prize of being able to eat one's opponent isn't enough to entice everyone. So, instead, I will grant each winner a wish, starting with you"

Garnet thought for a moment. She already had immortality, and positively unbelievable power, as she had just demonstrated. And, well, a rather appealing rear. 

"I should add" she said. "That the wishes I grant will always be themed around gluttony"

Garnet took a deep breath. "I'd like you to bring Rose back, while still allowing Steven to exist. And since this comes with a gluttony caveat, give Rose the power to cleanse corrupted gems by consuming them"

The Goddess smiled. "What a heartwarming request!" she waved a hand, and Garnet vanished, returning to Beach City, where she would be greeted by the newly gluttonous revived form of Rose Quartz.

Meanwhile, the Goddess stood in the new arena, contemplating which champions she would chose next.
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