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Written and edited with the help of :iconlouie-jr:

The crowd was like thunder, and the announcer was the lightning. “Welcome, welcome, one and all!” The announcer said, dawning orange karate robes and a red hat for the competition. “Today, we have a very special match between the two loveliest ladies from Japan, Chi-Chi, Goku’s willing homemaker, and Princess Peach, who’s not in another castle!”

From both sides of the stadium, uproarious cheers and applause exploded from the patrons. In the  bleachers lining the northern portion of the circular arena sat a colorful crowd consisting of sentient mushrooms, sentient mushroom people, upright turtles, and a pair of brothers, both wearing blue overalls. In the southern half of the arena sat a more basic crowd of people, though front-row seats at the bottom were occupied by Goku, a young man with insanely large hair, and his son, who looked like a younger version of his father.

“Come on Gohan,” Goku said, as he lifted up his son into his lap, “Your mother will be out there soon, she’ll be fighting a battle that will be fun for us all to see!”

“And sexy,” An old, short, bearded man wearing a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts remarked, “Your wife is somethin’ Goku, but I don’t know if she’ll even be able to compete with that blonde lady in the pink dress that the announcer spoke of.”

An equally short and bald man chuckled on the other side of Goku. “Yeah,” He said, “That princess really is as sweet as a peach from what I’ve heard.”

The announcer paused a moment before speaking again, and waited for the applause to die down. “Now,” He said, looking down at the field from his luxury box, “I believe our first fighter is walking out now! I present to you, Chi Chi!”

A young woman with her long, black hair tied in a ponytail walked out onto the battlefield, only stopping when she reached the center. She turned to face Goku, causing the flaps of her elegant, green robe to sway in the breeze. She winked upon seeing her husband.

The crowd exploded again, but soon settled down, waiting for Princess Peach to appear. Princess Peach arrived from the other side of the stadium, her pink dress looking as elegant as ever. She wore her usual bright, regal smile, swaying her hips in a sexy, but refined manner. She turned up to the brothers, blowing a kiss at the red-hatted of the pair, reaching the center, facing Chichi.

It was hard for her not to have a bit of envy for the perfect golden curls that flowed so elegantly from beneath her crown, but Chi-Chi hid that jealously behind a confident smirk. “So,” She stated, eyeing the princess’s form, “You seem to spend more time in the comfy confines of your castle than you do fighting for your life. Are you sure you’re up for this kind of event?”

From the side of the stadium occupied by humans, a resounding chant of surprise and admiration rose up. “Shots fired!” Krillin yelled, as he pumped his fists into the air.

“Yeah,” Roshi said, readjusting his sunglasses to partially hid a blush that began to form on his cheeks, “That Chi-Chi really is something. I’ve always wondered why she spent all of her time indoors instead of fighting with her hubby.” He pinched his nose and inhaled sharply, hoping to halt a nosebleed before it began.

Peach laughed. "Oh, you tend to pick up a few self-defense techniques when you're constantly being kidnapped, plus all of those times in brawl..." she giggled into her gloved hand. "Oh, I'm sorry, I don't mean to brag, I'm sure you'll be a very worthy opponent" she smiled at Chi-Chi, looking right at her with her glimmering blue eyes. "Of course, don't think that means I don't intend to win!"

Chi-Chi tilted her head from side-to-side, causing her neck to top. “I’m sure we’ll have fun,” she stated calmly, pacing around the pick-clad princess, “But it’s more fun for me when it gives me a fun story to tell my family.” She then turned to Peach, and offered out her own hand. “May the best lady win.”

Peach took Chi-Chi's hand, giving it a gentle shake. "Of course. Announcer, please let us begin!"

The announcer nodded, and tipped his hat to the ladies on the field. “Now then,” He said, “Let the battle begin!”

At the sound of the announcer’s command, Chi-Chi went on the evasive, using a series of fast back-flips to put some distance between herself and Peach. Once she had the desired distance, she quickly threw off her robes, revealing a skin-tight orange and green track suit, though it appeared to have some armored portions around the chest and abdomen, which helped to keep her sizable bust at bay.

"Oh my!" Peach said, chuckling softly. "That really doesn't leave much to the imagination." Her cheeks began to flush a light pink, as she tried to conceal her blush.

The woman grinned in satisfaction, and couldn’t resist posing for the home crowd, earning a chorus of ‘oo’s’ and ‘ahs’ from her fans. “Thank you,” She said, turning back to Peach, “But I believe that play time is over.” Chi-Chi made sure to tighten the tie around her hair, and dashed forwards. She jumped up into the air, and launched her bare foot squarely into the face of her rival.

Peach leaped back, gliding away from Chi-Chis' attack gracefully. She then bent over, pulling a radish out of the ground, and hurling it at her competition.

Chi-Chi quickly righted herself and stood firm on the ground, and held out one hand. She caught the radish in her open hand. “Nice one,” She remarked, tossing the vegetable into the air, “But it will take more than that to slow me down!” She tilted her head back, and opened up her mouth, catching the radish perfectly inside.

“Amazing!” The announcer exclaimed, now standing up out of his seat. “It seems that Mrs. Chi-Chi has managed to turn her opponents attack into her own snack!”

Goku laughed happily, and gave his son a pat on the back. “That’s your mother alright,” He said, “She’s even a bigger eater than me when she puts her mind to it.”

Chi-Chi pushed the radish to the back of her throat with her tongue, and swallowed hard. In just one gulp, she sent the vegetable out of her mouth and down her throat, and eventually into her stomach. She opened her mouth to laugh again, but instead let out a small burp. The woman blushed for a moment, before charging forward for her next attack.  

"Oh my!" Peach's blush darkened further, as she picked up another pair of vegetables from the dirt, hoping to see Chi-Chi gulp down another one or two, just out of sheer curiosity. Perhaps, if she was lucky, she'd end up without enough room in her belly for her.

Seeing the rather dirty, yet deliciously clever attack of Peach before it could be executed, Chi-Chi kicked herself off the ground and into the air, flipping herself over the princess. While airborne, she plucked both of the vegetables from Peach’s gloved hands, and threw them into the crowd. Chi-Chi then landed, a satisfied grin on her face.

"Oh, what a letdown." she said, smiling back at her. Peach dug around in her dress a bit, before pulling out a frying pan. "Ah, here we go" she said, swinging the pan in a wide arc towards Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi couldn’t turn around fast enough to block the frying pan, but she could turn around fast enough to feel the cold, metal surface smack her in the face.

The crowd seemed to groan in pain, while others cheered in glee. “Ouch,” Krillin commented, wincing as he saw his best friends wife get slapped across the face with a frying pan, “That’s something you don’t see every day.”

Peach giggled, blowing a kiss in Chi-Chi's general direction. "Oh, I'm so sorry, did that hurt?" She happily teased her opponent, even allowing her skirt to reveal a slender leg.

First, Chi-Chi growled in anger for having made a fool of herself. Then, she became slightly confused at the sexual gestures from the princess. “Are you trying to turn me on?” She asked in disgust. “My husband is watching us from the bleachers!” She ran forward again to punch Peach, and this time, her fist made contact with her opponent’s breasts.

Peach's breasts took the hit rather well, and wobbled up and down freely. The punch did manage to accomplish one thing, her dress tore open, revealing the white lacy bra underneath. "This is very indecent!" Peach said, trying to cover herself. "How dare you expose me!"

Chi-Chi couldn’t help but to snicker, and cupped her hands over her mouth to hide her blush. “Well, at least you didn’t just stuff turnips into your bra.”

The whole crowd then exploded in a wave of laughter, and poor old Master Roshi could do nothing to hide his gushing nose bleed. “God dang it,” he quietly mumbled, as red blood streaked out of his nostrils and onto his beard, “Fights like this are just too sexy to not arouse me just a little bit.”

Peach sighed, and snapped her fingers. A few of her toads jumped from the audience, surrounding her, and in a storm of motion that was too fast to see, she was changed into her biking outfit, a skin-tight suit that was much better suited for combat.  "Ah, much better." She said.

Master Roshi had to keep both of his thumbs lodged into his nose, or else he would be at a risk of bleeding out. “Beautiful!” He practically screamed, “Girl’s like that are too beautiful to not be mine!” From behind him, a large green hand slapped him across the face.

“Shut up!” Piccolo screamed. “This isn’t a beauty contest, it’s a fight to the death battle!”

Chi-Chi was not even fazed by her opponent’s change in clothes. If anything, that inspired her to right harder. She ran through the group of toads, and stood on her right foot, while her left spun around and smacked the princess on the face.

Peach took the kick rather well, grinning, taking a much more experienced combat stance. "Is that all you've got?" she said, wiping a bit of dirt from her face.

Chi-Chi smirked, and flipped back close to the wall of the arena. “Nope,” She said, “But I’m open to whatever you can throw at me.” She spread her arms open, leaving herself completely vulnerable. She expected to take nothing more than a turnip or two, and those she could easily swallow. However, she could have never prepared enough for the princess’s next move.

"Bad move!" Peach said, leaping at her, opening her mouth up wide, sailing towards the defenseless Chi-Chi with a plan to swallow her.

The gasps of horror from the crowd broke Chi-Chi from her stupor, and she ducked just in time to run underneath Peach and grab onto her leg. She dragged the still airborne princess to the center of the arena, where Chi-Chi planted her right foot into the dirt. With her left, she began to spin, and spin, and spin, until she looked like a top with a girl attached. And then, she stopped, releasing Peach, and sending her flying towards a wall.

The entire crowed winced as they heard the crack of the stone arena walls, and they all looked down to see Peach, comically flattened against the surface. “What a shocker!” The announcer bellowed from his box. “Only one with the skills of Chi-Ch could react that fast to avoid certain doom! Now that just leaves the toads to fight until their princess can stand back up!”

Peach tried to get up, but fell to the ground, limp and exhausted. In one final act of desperation, she pointed at Chi-Chi. "Toads, attack!" she shouted.

Chi-Chi looked around nervously, and took a defensive stance in the center of the arena. The toads failed to attack her with anything more than a defensive barrier earlier, but that didn’t give her a real glimpse of their power. None the less, she stood firm, ready to fight off whatever came at her, not matter what it took to beat it.

The Toads continued to charge at her, leaping at her one by one.

Chi-Chi dodged all of them with ease, but she knew it wouldn’t be that easy, even if there were only four of them. “Oh God,” She groaned, “Am I going to have to eat them all before I can go after Peach?”

Nervously, Goku picked up his son, and stood up out of his chair. “I’m going home.” He said. And, in a blink of an eye, he was gone.

Krillin and Master Roshi looked at each other awkwardly, before disappearing as well. Piccolo then teleported off, leaving just a blue-haired woman sitting by herself. “I can’t believe they all left me,” She complained, her chin resting in her hands. “And to think, Chi-Chi was just getting to the best part.”

A few more Toads continued to jump from the stadium seats. Clearly, Peach's last-ditch attempt still had the potential to swing the match in her favor. There were around 7 toads, all of varying colors, charging at Chi-Chi, each one prepared to take her down in the name of their princess.

Chichi looked at the small mushroom men, and observed that they were no larger than the massive turnip that Peach had thrown at her earlier. Chi-Chi sighed, and unstrapped the top half of her suit, letting it fall to the ground. She didn’t make an attempt to cover her now-bare chest, but did take some hair out of her ponytail and let it fall over her shoulders. “I really didn’t want to do this,” She grumbled to herself, “But I guess I have no choice.”

She kicked off the ground and acrobatically flipped in the air, landing behind the first toad. She picked him up by the mushroom on his head, and tore the mushroom off, revealing a shiny, bald dome. The woman shrugged, and lifted the toad by his head until he was above her mouth, and then opened her mouth as far as it would stretch, and dropped the toad in. He went down in one gulp, but she still had six others to deal with, and a slowly stretching stomach that didn’t want to hold that many.

"Good luck fitting the entire Toad Squad in your stomach." Peach said. "You'll hardly have any room for me by the end of it, if you can even manage that..."

Chi-Chi growled, and used the same strategy on two other red-capped toads. Her stomach growled as well when it felt two other large entities stretch its limits once again. However, it made quick work of its occupants, bathing them in acids and melting them down to a soup of body parts in a manner of seconds. It shrank greatly, and let out a long and low gurgle. Chi-Chi tilted her head back and belched, sending three blue vests out of her mouth. She then gave her stomach, which looked like it had just filled up on thanksgiving dinner, a loving pat.

Chi-Chi grinned maliciously at the other four toads; one blue, one purple, one yellow, and the last red, and gave her stomach another pat. “I have a feeling you know where you’re going,” She said, looking down at the white flesh of her distended belly, “And trust me, I know you all will make great additions to my figure, especially when your beloved princess joins you.”

Peach looked genuinely impressed, smiling at her foe. She nodded in approval of her technique. "Hmm, that is a very impressive stomach you have there, I don't think I've ever seen digestion at such a speed."

Chi-Chi patted her stomach and belched again, before directing her attention towards a yellow toad. She watched it charge at her, and dive into her legs, but it didn’t even tackle with enough force to make her budge an inch. She laughed as she tiny man stood up, no taller than her kneecaps, and started to punch her shins. Chi-Chi picked him up, threw off his cap, lifted him above her head, and dropped him in her open mouth, and swallowed him whole, sending him down into her stomach.

That is when she started to change physically, the quickly absorbed calories starting to take effect. Instead of growing outwards like one typically would after a binge, the massive intake of nutrients caused her to sprout mostly upwards, even if it was just a few inches. Yes, the process was painful, as Chi-Chi wailed in agony as her skin tried to stretch over her taller skeleton, but it was also successful in keeping her proportional, though her stomach was still bloated by its current occupant.

Chi-Chi walked towards the next toad and repeated the swallowing process, and then to the next, and then to the next. Her stomach had stretched out to the proportions of a pregnant woman with its four bite-sized tenants, but it quickly gurgled and digested its meals, returning it to only a few inches past its normal size. Once again, Chi-Chi tilted her head back and belched, but no articles of clothing came out of her mouth. She gave her stomach a loving pat, and walked over to Peach.

Peach sighed. "Well, I suppose that's it for me." she said, deciding it was best to take her victory in the most polite and ladylike way possible. She stood still, arms at her sides. "Well, Ms. Chi-Chi, go ahead, claim your victory."

Chi-Chi grinned again, and began to slip off her pants, completely exposing herself to the audience. “Nah, we don’t have to do that quite yet,” She said, “I just had to wait until my husband was out of the arena so I could finish things my way, after I give you a bit of pleasure to last until we meet again.” She pulled off her tight pants, and threw them up into her half of the arena, watching as they fell on Bulma’s head.

Peach's cheeks immediately flushed dark red. "Oh wow!" she said. "What is it that you plan on doing to me?" she tried to back away slowly, but found that the female fighter had backed her against the far side of the arena.

Chi-Chi herself blushed, but that didn’t stop her from running a finger down Peach’s cheek and into the gap of her cleavage. “I can’t tell you,” She said, “But I know that you need your clothes off for us to do it.”

Peach sighed, unzipping her biking suit from the back, leaving herself in nothing but a pair of incredibly fine white lacy underwear, which clearly cost quite a lot of money.

Chi-Chi bent over, and picked up a green mushroom from the ground. “This is for the locker room.” She said. “I’d rather not make a scene now, but we can do whatever we like in there.” She handed the mushroom to the princess, and waited.

She looked down at the mushroom, and then at her would-be-predator. "Uh, what am I supposed to do with this?" she said, not quite understanding her current situation.

Chi-Chi turned, and slapped her palm against her face.

The whole crowd let out a thunderous boom of laughter, and the announcer did as well. “It looks like the poor Princess is a bit confused by this kind gesture from her predator!” He mocked, riling the crowd even further. “How ironic that she doesn’t recognize a 1-up mushroom!”

Chi-Chi groaned as the noises from the crowd died down, and turned back around to face the princess. She forced the mushroom into Peach’s hand. “Here,” She said, “Just eat it now, and we can do whatever you like in about twenty minutes. For now, I think we have a battle to finish, and if I don’t finish it, the crowd might grow bored.”

She nodded. "Sorry, I hardly expected you to be so kind." she gulped down the mushroom, green sparkles dancing around her, as she was bestowed with an extra life.

Chi-Chi grabbed Peach by the shoulders, and looked into the princess’s blue yes. “Are you ready?” She asked her.

She sighed softly, nodding. "As ready as I'll ever be, I suppose."

“Good,” Chi-Chi said, “Because I don’t like it when my meals struggle.” She pulled Peach close, and gave her a long and passionate kiss, before letting her lips to slide further down the princess’s head and onto her warm cheeks. Her jaw popped and unhinged and she slid her mouth the entire way over Peach’s head.

The crowd cheered on one half of the stadium, but the residents of the mushroom kingdom fell silent. Mario even threw his hat off onto the ground.

Chi-Chi continued her way down Peach’s neck and shoulders, eventually reaching her breasts. She didn’t take the time to unclasp the braw, so that went down with the large breasts of the princess. She worked her way down her waist, and got to the point where she had to angle her head back to swallow the rest of her.

Gravity assisted largely in the swallowing of the buttocks and legs, and lastly the feet. The woman’s stomach expanded far greater than it had during any of her pregnancies, and rumbled loudly as it already began to go to work on the princess.

“And Chi-Chi is the winner!” The announcer chanted, riling up the crowd a final time. Everyone in the stadium clapped and cheered, as their player may not have won, but she sure gave a great fight.

Chi-Chi had to pick up her sagging stomach so it would not touch the ground, and gave a large belch, sending out Peach’s lace underwear. She walked off the battlefield and into the locker room, where she could digest the princess in peace.

Chi-Chi gave another rumbling burp as she sat herself on the bench in the now-locked locker room, and laid down sideways before turning on her back, her massive stomach sitting on top of her like a partially deflated beach ball. She listened to the chorus of gurgles and grumbles from her stomach, before giving in an affectionate rub. She let out another burp, this one far smaller, before allowing herself to drift away into a deep sleep.
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