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Anyone know a good website to create character profiles?
    Princess Bubblegum had been staring in the mirror for several minutes now, examining her body from various angles, all ending with a hefty sigh. The princess had gained quite a bit of weight, something she had picked up on after a prolonged glance at the reflection of her plump rear and soft, bloated tummy that was beginning to hang.

    "I didn't eat that much at the royal feast, did I?" she asked herself, grabbing her belly, trying to convince herself that it wasn't that soft.

    "I suppose I'll just have to deal with increased candy biomass for now," she said. It then occurred to her that she wouldn't be making a whole lot of public appearances, as she wouldn't want her close friends to see her in her corpulent state. So, she decided that she would stay in her castle for a while, and only talk to Peppermint Butler, who she knew was very good at keeping secrets. Perhaps she could take this time to focus on science, and revise her political strategies from the safety of her lab.

    "Uh, hey, PB, are you there?" said a familiar voice from beyond the door to her room, belonging to Marceline, her longtime...friend. "Bunk" she muttered to herself, having totally forgotten that she had invited Marceline over for tea and a chat today.

    The Princess went through a variety of ways to escape this situation, one of them being leaping out of her window, using her fat to cushion the fall, and then running away to start a new identity somewhere else. But no, she had a duty to her kingdom, and that duty was more important than having Marceline call her a fatass for the next several months, years, or perhaps centuries. "Just a moment," she said, making an attempt to suck in her gut, before surrendering any attempt at damage control entirely and opening the door, leaving her entire pudgy body out in the open for Marceline to see.

    "Hi, Marceline" the princess said, trying to keep her regal composure as her cheeks flushed increasingly dark shades of pink. 

    "Oh, hey" Marceline said, smirking. "Look like someone had some fun at the royal feast"

    Bubblegum clutched her stomach defensively. "You would have overeaten too if you had been there"

    Marceline shrugged. "I guess, if they had red stuff there. What, do you expect me to make fun of you? Who do you think I am?"

    "Marceline Abadeer" the princess said, placing her hands on her hips.

    "What, are you embarrassed about gaining weight or something?" Marceline asked. "I assumed you couldn't feel shame. Or anything"

    "Very funny" she said, still blushing. "And, well, yes, I'm slightly embarrassed" 

    Marceline chuckled. "Is that why you haven't been out all day? The Candy People have been freaking out about it" 

    Bubblegum sighed. "Well, yeah. And even when I'm inside, I feel pretty ashamed of myself" she said with a blush.

    "I have an idea" Marceline said, smiling. "Maybe I could help you feel a little less embarrassed about gaining weight"

    "What's your idea?" PB asked, ready to accept anything at this point. 

    "Well, how about I shapeshift myself a big belly so you won't stand out as much?" Marceline said. 

    "You'd really do that?" she asked.

    Marceline shrugged. "Yeah, you're my friend and stuff"

    PB nodded. "Alright, do it"

    "Alright" Marceline said, taking a deep breath. As she exhaled, the princess could see the vampire queen's gut swell rapidly, her lithe figure gradually growing more and more tubby. Most of her weight was focused around her belly, as PB's was, her belly beginning to hang lower and lower, all the way to her knees. With a little more fat added to her rear and breasts, the pale vampire was just as fat as the princess, in fact, even more so. 

    "I decided to go a little bigger than you" she said. "So you'll look smaller by comparison, and because I like to be better than you at everything" 

    The princess stared at Marceline, stunned by the swiftness of her transformation and strangely enraptured with her new figure.

    "Like what you see?" Marceline said teasingly, striking a seductive pose and laughing.

    "Actually, yes" The Princess said, suddenly pressing herself up against Marceline, the two girl's soft bloated bellies jiggling as they pressed together. They both blushed simultaneously, then leaned in to kiss one another, Marceline's dark vampire lips pressed against the princess's own plump, candy-flavored ones.

    Marceline pulled away. "So, you like me all nice and plump like this?" she said, smiling. 

    The Princess blushed. "Well, uh, yes"

    "Would you like it if I was, you know, bigger" she asked.

    "I'd like that" the princess said. 

    Marceline nodded, and took in a deep breath. With concentration, her stomach doubled in size, the gut that once sagged to her knees now touching the floor, as her breasts expanded to spill out on top of her mighty gut and her rear only continuing to swell as well. She now dwarfed the large princess, looking as though she weighed in excess of a thousand pounds.

    "Perfect" the Princess said, gently nudging Marceline onto her bed. Marceline took the hint, laying down, fat gut sticking out from her. Princess Bubblegum yawned, and rested her head on Marceline's mighty gut, listening to the sounds of the churning within lulling her to sleep. "Now I won't be so self conscious, assuming that you stay at this size until I manage to burn this weight off"

    Marceline sighed. "Sure, I'll do that" she said with surprising sincerity. "Anything for you, Princess" before yawning and falling to sleep.
Royal Comfort
Just some cute PBxMarcy stuff since Adventure Time stuff is all I do

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   Asami stopped to look down at her stature; one that was far fatter. Her clothes were but shreds, her belly soft and doughy, splitting into two distinct rolls at the navel. She sat on her plump ass, large enough to cushion her on the grass, despite being fresh out of pants. Asami's cheeks were still flushed red, her breath a pant, "Whoa."
   Korra smiled. "Yeah, whoa" she said, her own figure having rounded out to ridiculous proportions, essentially having turned herself into a soft, pillowy blob of fat, with an innumerable amount of rolls. "I'm still fatter, of course" she said with a chuckle. "So, what do you want to do now?"
Asami brushed at stray strands of hair, "Uhhmmm... Well we went off the planned schedule of feeding you all the food and being done with it..." She looked around at the clearing they found themselves in, the trees picked clean of fruit.
Korra thought for a few seconds, before letting out a large belch. "Oh, excuse me" she said, chuckling. "There's got to be something else we could do...I don't feel like we're done yet"
   Asami thought about both their situations, tossing around ideas back and forth in her head. One in particular started to manifest though... "Well, seeing as we're both fat... I've always had this thing for Sumo girls." She admitted, averting Korra's eyes.
"What do you mean?" she said, cocking an eyebrow. "Not that I'm not interested..."
Asami looked back over at Korra, "Well... I was thinking we might try a bit of a competition of sorts." She walked over closer to Korra.
Korra smiled. "So, you want us to like, wrestle each other?" she said, laughing. "You're such a pervert, Asami, I love it"
Asami brushed the hair from her face, "Yeah... I had the idea for a long time, but neither of us were in the proper shape. Now that we both are, I think it'd be pretty doable." She smiled, giving a bit of a laugh as she spoke.

   "Of course" Korra said. "And the one with the superior weight will win" she rose to her feet. "Alright, I have two questions. Where are we going to do this, and what does the winner earn?"
Asami rubbed at her chin, "Well, the open field works." She pointed at Korra, "And the winner gets to choose what they want, no?" Asami flashed a sultry smile.
"I like that idea" she said, waddling her massive, fatty self over to the open field, hoping that Asami would follow. "Should we wear those loincloths like sumo girls do, too?" she asked.

   Asami followed behind, watching Korra's engored figure wobble, "Hmm? Oh, yes." She caught herself staring, trying her best to recover, "We should have something suitable to use in the bag."
"You think of everything, don't you" Korra said, breathing a bit heavily, her gigantic, obese body jiggling with every step she took, her weight enough to shake the ground beneath her feet.
Asami gulped, she wasn't nearly Korra's weight, and most certainly not an avatar. She had a tinge of regret but brushed it off, knowing that Korra would pick something nice if she won.

   "Alright" Korra said, picking her position in the middle of the field. "I might need some help putting that thing on" she said, wiggling her arms, showing that she couldn't manage to reach past her belly.
   Asami reached down in her bag, pulling out a suitable garment, considering Korra's size anyway. She reached around and snugly wrapped it. Leaning back down, she did the same; though it took far less effort than Korra's.
   "This makes me feel weirdly sexy" Korra said, shifting around, feeling the cloth between her legs. "Hm..." she held her hands out, using her firebending to create a set of borders for their battle to take place in, the girl who was pushed outside of the boundaries would lose, naturally"

   Asami gulped, suddenly starting to feel some regret. Her odds weren't exactly good, considering she's not an avatar. "Yep. That's how we'll do it, but I gotta ask for you to take it easy on me. You've still got the advantage."
"Are you sure?" she said. "I'm not going to use my avatar powers, so I think we're on an even playing field" she teased.
Asami sighed, "Fine. But try not to crush me?" Korra's imposing frame didn't do much to calm her mind, but she prepared herself anyway.
"I can't make any promises" she said, standing on the far side of the arena she set up for herself, clearly very determined about winning this, leaving Asami unsure on whether or not she would actually hold back, or if she was just trying to intimidate her.
"Alright..." Asami took her position in the other corner, widening her stance and digging in her feet, "Let's do it."

   "You ready? Korra said, doing the same, looking very professional, as if she'd prepared for this before.
Asami nodded her head, raising her arms up in a defensive stand, "let's do it" She waited for the bigger Korra to charge, her heels well rooted on the ground. Korra was doing the same, waiting, inviting Asami to make the first move.
The smaller Asami couldn't keep playing this game, she wanted action! She charged forward recklessly slamming into the larger Korra, their soft flesh smooshing together.
Asami felt her fat body sink into Korra's fat, before bouncing off, getting rocketed away from Korra's body. Korra pounded her fat gut proudly, as it jiggled obscenely.
Asami caught her footing in time, taking time to recover. "That isn't even fair." She mumbled, getting ready for another shot. Within the minute she was already blitzing towards Korra.
Korra stuck out her gut again, trying to bounce Asami off again with a well-timed belly bump.

   Asami grunted as she charged, hitting Korra square in the belly, shrieking as she ricochets back to the very edge of the ring, her feet barely staying in as she struggled to keep balance, "Whooaaa..." She swung her arms on the either side as she almost fell over backwards.
"You're gonna have a hard time with my weight advantage" she said, beckoning Asami to come at her again, taking great enjoyment in feeling their bellies collide.
"Yeah, but I'm not giving up yet!" Asami yelled, getting ready for another attack as she huffed for air, she pushed off the ground with haste, lunging back at her partner, belly shaking back and forth between her legs, running right into Korra with a heavy leap.
Korra smiled, aiming her stomach upwards, rocketing Asami away like a trampoline, right out of the stadium.
Landing roughly in the grass, Asami grunted, "Guh!" She slowly got to he feet brushing off all the stray bits that clung to her, "... Does that mean I lost?"

   She shrugged. "Best two out of three?" she said, not wanting to end her combat so soon, she was having a lot of fun.
Asami instantly nodded, "Yep, let's do it, I won't give up so easily." She got back in the ring and stamped her feet. "Round two, let's go." She huffed.
"Alright" Korra said. She took a deep breath, her belly heaving, before charging at Asami suddenly, the ground shaking from the weight of her enormous fat.
Asami dug in her heels in preparation for the charging Avatar. She winced, doing her best to look away as she crashed into her, both of their fat figures wobbling and jiggling every which way.
Korra leaned into Asami, trying to force her forwards with the power of gravity and her superior weight.
"Ugghh!" Asami groaned, her heels starting to dig into the ground upon Korra's massive weight. She wasn't backing down just yet, the muscles she still had straining to the absolute maximum, "C'mon Korra..." she grunted.
Korra felt pressure build in her stomach, as Asami continued to push harder and harder against her. Eventually, Asami's force managed to squeeze out a massive burp.
Rolling back in surprise, Asami lost her footing in the dirt, walling backwards as the massive Avatar burdened down on her with massive weight. Grunting she tried to recover, only to fall hard on the ground.
Korra chuckled, backing away from the fallen Asami. "It's not fair to hit a girl when she's down" she said, curious about what Asami would look like trying to get up.
She struggled back up to her feet, grunting. As she got her arms up to her knees, her belly hung in front of her, forming into two distinct rolls. As she got back up to fighting stance, she whipped her hair out of her face.
"Alright, again" Korra said, charging at Asami again, shoving her with her arms, using the weight of her body to increase her impact.
Without the preparation time necessary, Asami reeled back on Korra's assault, flung back in an instant, her back hitting square on the line, she look at either side then to Korra. "Is that in or out?"

   "In" she said, grinning, trying to drag this out as much as possible.
Asami gave a deep huff, leaning back up and breathing deep, "Alright..." She slowly repeated the previous process, a bead of sweat rolling down her forehead, "Let's go!" Asami charged forward, yelling.
Korra stood still, not moving an inch, prepared to take the full force of Asami's attack.
Asami rammed with all of her, and her body weight's force. Slamming into Korra, their rolls of supple fat bounced and wobbled in every direction. Asami stood, pushing as hard as she could, Korra barely budging an inch.
Korra chuckled. "Ready to give up?" she said, still barely making any effort to block Asami's attack. She yawned, just to show how uninterested she was.
Asami soldiered on for a bit longer, huffing and puffing as she forced herself to not give in. Her feet barely had enough energy left in them as she valiantly did her best to force against the tide of fat she was up against. Eventually she couldn't hold up any longer, slumping down into Korra's belly, full of defeat, "Ugh... too... heavy..."

   "So, you surrender?" she said triumphantly, her bloated stomach towering offer Asami, casting a shadow over her.
"I-I surrender, you're too much Korra!" She groaned, laying on her back above the impressive Avatar gut. "It was fun, but you're just too much..." She laid a hand over her face as a deep red blush covered her cheeks.
"No need to be ashamed" she said. "You put up a good fight, considering that I'm the Avatar and all" she chuckled, making her belly wobble impressively. "So, I get my reward now?"
Asami propped her bulky frame up, "Yep. You've got your reward, Avatar." She gave a wink, hoping her wish wasn't anything too hard on her, "Anything you want, like we promised!"

   "Well, this might be a little hard" Korra said, licking her lips, smiling deviously down at Asami. "I'd like to eat you" she said without hesitation.
The other girl was in a bit of a shock, "... What? You'd like to eat me?" She questioned Korra's seriousness, "H-How is that even possible?"
She shrugged. "Only one way to find out, I guess" she continued grinning, and Asami could recognize the hunger in her eyes.
The girl gulped, "Well, I did say the winner get's anything..." She looked up with a mix of excitement and fear, eyeing Korra's corpulent figure.
"You look like you're gonna be really filling..." she said, still smiling, patting her belly with anticipation. "Alright, stand still" she said, grabbing Asami by the waist, and lifting the massive, corpulent woman up into the air, lowering her into her mouth, headfirst.
Asami bit down on her lip, trying best to not loose her cool; Korra wouldn't do anything to hurt her... right? She darted her eyes every which way, the Avatar's strong hands having no problem slowly send Asami through her widely opened mouth.
Asami felt her head make contact with Korra's wet, drooling mouth. She continued pushing the girl in, until her entire neck was enveloped in Korra's mouth.
Asami couldn't help but squirm, her legs wiggling around a bit as she went down, "Uhhh...." was all she could muster before Korra swallowed the rest of her head, forcing her down inside the bigger girl's massive gut.
Korra's mouth opened further as she reached her shoulders, now reaching Asami's plump breasts, which she gave a loving licking as she swallowed them down.
Asami shuddered, a shiver going down her spine, "Oooh..." She moaned, feeling Korra get ever closer to swallowing her whole, something she wasn't entirely sure of yet...

   Korra was now having a bit of trouble gulping down the widest part of Asami's body, her huge, fat belly that she had developed. With an impressive, gluttonous gulp, she managed to force that down, her throat bulging out with Asami's shape.
Asami squirmed around, the feeling was starting to get to her, especially after her sensitive gut made it's way in. She groaned, all the strange sensations started to set in as Korra began devouring her thick thighs.
With one last swallow, Korra finished the girl off, as Asami plopped into her stomach with a wet thud. Korra's already enormous stomach bulged out even more, to positively mammoth proportions.
Asami found only darkness inside Korra's stomach, something she wasn't entirely sure of... But, she couldn't help but feel very warm inside Korra's belly, snug and secure.
"Ahhh, hows it feel in there?" Korra said, giving her belly a proud pat, and letting out a satisfied belch. "Because it's feeling pretty nice for me"

   Asami took a moment to get a feel for her situation before murmuring up, "Well, better than I originally thought it'd be..."
"Awesome" she said, continuing to rub her belly, feeling Asami squirm around inside.
The dark haired girl more or less felt contempt inside Korra's stomach, much to her surprise. She wriggled around a bit, "Not so bad..."
"Yeah, no so bad for me either" Korra said, not quite ready to admit that Asami's squirms and movements were arousing her like nothing else she had ever felt.
Asami gave a puzzled look before pressing on the wall of Korra's stomach, feeling her hand press out softly.
"D-damn" Korra mumbled, as Asami continued to give curious presses to Korra's insides.
"So, how long are you going to keep me in here for, Ms. Champion?" Asami mused, leaning back against Korra's tight middle.
"As long as I want" she said triumphantly.
"Mmm, fine; have it your way." Asami said, casually poking a digit in Korra's strained skin. "Just don't keep me in here too long, it's getting a bit stuffy in here, ya know?"

   "Hmm, are you sure? I was thinking of digesting you" she said with a grin on her face.
Asami's eyes narrowed, "Wait... what?" She tilted her head to the side, "Did you say 'digesting', because..." Her voice trembled a bit, her limbs tensing up.
She sighed, not wanting to permanently be rid of Asami, after all. "Hmm, if we can find some way to revive you using the Spirit World, then would you be okay with me digesting you?"
"Mmm, but only if you're absolutely certain!" Her voice seemed cautious, "I'm sure there's something out there... In the mean time you'll be hauling me around, mmkay?"
"Alright" Korra said, lumbering her full, fat body forwards, in search of something that would allow her to safely digest Asami.
"Whooaaa now..." Asami warned, trying to keep upright inside Korra's belly. "Hard to stay still in here when you're moving like that."
"I don't think you falling out is going to be much of an issue" Korra said, proud in the power and strength of her own stomach by this point.
Asami gained her bearings, pressing tightly against either side pressing her arms on Korra's tight middle to keep herself somewhat stable, "True enough."

   Korra continued wandering, her eyes catching sight of many strange creatures, and plants, but nothing that looked like it would have sufficient magical knowledge to help her.
"Any luck?" Asami chimed, curious when she'd be able to see something besides pitch blackness, "There's gotta be something..."
"I'm not finding anything" she said, shrugging her shoulders. "You got any ideas?"
The plump girl groaned, leaning down in Korra's stomach, spreading herself out with no care. "Mm, you're the avatar, yeah? Clearly you should have some sway here." She sighed, "Try communing with the spirits or whatever. I dunno."
"Oh, obviously" she said. "Uh, hey, spirits, is anyone around?" she asked, kind of embarrassed that the spirits would see her in her bloated state.
Asami chucked, noting Korra's obviously shy voice, "Oh come on, there's no need to be embarrassed. I Mean, have you SEEN some of the spirits?" Asami harped and teased whilst stretching her arms, as limited as they were in range of motion.

   "Yeah, I guess you're right" she said, chuckling. "Maybe the spirits are the reason why I'm such a weird pervert. Alright, spirits!" she said proudly. "Come out, I need your help!"
Asami gave a little nod in reassurance, "That's the... spirit!" She laughed, entirely full of herself on the corny joke. She shimmied around in Korra's stomach, hearing a low hums tarting to emanate outside, "What's that?"
"I'm not sure" Korra said. Suddenly, an ethereal woman appeared, who was just about Korra's size, possessing equal amounts of rippling fat rolls.
Asami could only listen as the spirit outside slowly spoke, "You called on aid and I answered; I heard your plight and wish to help." She stated bluntly, crossing her arms.
"Thank you, spirit" Korra said, secretly grateful that she managed to summon a spirit who, let's say, wasn't exactly in any position to judge her current situation. "I was looking for help with, uh, matters of gluttony"
The spirit simply responded with a hearty chuckle, "Ohhhoho, is that right?" Her 'breasts' jostled up and down as her laughing died down, "Sounds like I'm just the spirit for you then!" She placed her hands on her rotund hips, "Hows that then? You're already lookin like you've got the figure for it."
"Yes, well, I've kind of... eaten my girlfriend" she said, hoping that the spirit would understand. "And I want to find a way to digest her and then bring her back. Can you do that?"

   The spirit caved into a full chuckle, "Eaten her? Pft, digest her?!" She burst into a full laugh, "You might even have me beat in that department." She gave a short huff, eyeing the jostling, Asami-stuffed stomach. "But I might have a lil something to help you out," Without a moment to spare, the spirit pulled a fruit from out of thin air, glowing green, "Eat this and all will end well."
Korra nodded, ready to try any solution, even mysterious green fruit. She took a hearty bite out of it, and stared at the spirit, waiting for it to take effect.
The spirit smiled, crossing her arms over her bust, watching with equal interest.
"Uh what's going on? Did we uh, get something figured out, orrr?" Asami asked, feeling something brewing up after the bite of fruit absorbed into Korra's stomach.
Korra felt it too, still not sure what was happening. "What's going on?" she said, arms attempting to clutch at her stomach, which was far too huge for her to grab.
The confused Asami didn't take long to start feeling whatever was going on, Korra's stomach getting as hot as a steamer room. A light layer of sweat formed on the pudgy Asami felt her 'room' heat up. "Uhh, Korra?"
"Yeah?" Korra said, feeling the warmth intensify inside of her as well.
"W-What's going on?" Asami managed, feeling numb from all the heating liquid. She squirmed back and forth, unused to any such situation.

   With a flash of light and an explosion of warmth, Asami appeared outside of Korra's body, but Korra's stomach kept its bloated shape as if Asami was still inside.
Asami slowly closed her eyes, patting herself up and down; sinking fingers into her pudge. "I-I'm out?" She questioned, looking back at Korra's swollen stomach.
"I guess you did" she said, looking up at the gluttonous spirit goddess.
The spirit shook her head with a warm smile, "Enjoy the rest, because my job is done." Suddenly the whole solution seemed to be a bit more... Sneaky. Asami gave a shrug in response, the spirit disappearing as quick as her work was done.
"Well, this was fun" Korra said, smiling. "Want to just have a nice cuddle before we return to the physical world?" she chuckled. "I'd love to see what Mako thinks of my new figure"
Asami watched her avatar lover's stomach gurgle; whatever replaced Asami's mass in Korra's stomach was starting to take effect... And the plump inventor saw it as a perfect opportunity to climb up on Korra's massive gut, seeing it's wide expanse starting to rise like dough, "Heh, if we can fit you through the portal... Fatty." Asami teased, climbing the massive Avatar's midsection, sinking in quite a bit, "Let's enjoy the new figure for ourselves a bit, huh?" The black haired girl came in for a little smooch, settling in for some mutual fatty cuddling...
Spirit World Honeymoon CH. 3
The final chapter from me and my good buddy :iconalternativemethods:
Anyone know a good website to create character profiles?


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