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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Written by me and :iconmlsvampyprincess:, who also did the art

Princess Bubblegum was sitting alone in her lab, working away on some side projects while waiting for Marceline to arrive for her Valentines surprise. 

Marceline floated in, a big smile on her face, and a bright red blush on her cheeks. "Hey, Peebubs! I have a Valentines surprise for you!" she said, grinning ear to ear, her snake-like fangs clearly visible.

The Princess turned to the vampire queen. "Hi Marcy... Really?" The princess smiled slightly.

"Oh yeah" she said, chuckling. "Alright, you have three guesses, what do you think it is?"

Bonnibel paused, "Well, considering it's Valentine's day, I would assume it's traditionally a card and some candy." She smiled, "But I think you did something much better."

"I count that as two guesses" she said with a smile. "You still have one more, use it wisely~"

Peebles thought to herself. "Sex?"

"How could I fit sex into a box, Pbubs? Don't be silly"

"I don't know."

Marceline stuck out her tongue. "Well, you don't get it unless you guess"

Bonnibel replied, "But I only had 3 guesses... I don't know what else it could be."

"Well, you loose" she said. "Sorry, you don't get anything"

"Aww come on... you know I stink at guessing games." She sighed.

She opened the box. "Fine, I guess you got it right when you said sex" she said, revealing a large peppermint-striped dildo.

Bonnibel blushed, "Oh Marceline... I never thought you actually get that."

She chuckled. "Wanna try it out?"

Bonnibel blushed, "Right now?"

"If you want" she said. "Right here, right now"

Bonnibel blushed more, not responding to anything she had said, and trying to avoid making eye contact with the Vampire Queen.

"Aw, come on, Bonnie, don't be such a prude" she said, already putting it on

Bonnibel blushed, "Wait for me in my room, I need to wash up."

Marceline sighed. "Fine, take your time, I guess" she sat down, absentmindedly playing with the dildo, stroking it in her hand in a very suggestive way.

Bonnibel went to the bathroom for a quick shower.

"Hey, be sure to get nice and clean, so I can dirty you up" she shouted in the general direction of the bathroom

Bonnibel blushed, and then immediately tried to pretend like she hadn't heard anything, stripping off her clothes and walking into the shower.

Marceline got tired of waiting, opening the door to the bathroom and entering the shower, hot, steamy water running over her pale, naked body, and dripping from the tip of her red-and-white strapon

Bonnibel blushed, "Marcy, please I'm not decent." she said, trying her best to conceal the naughtier parts of her naked body with her hands.

She shrugged. "Nothing I haven't seen before" she said, a wicked grin on her pale face

Bonnibel blushed more. "That's not the point... I don't wanna do it while I'm all sticky."

She smiled, putting her hands on PB's hips. "Oh, come on, it's funner when you're sticky" she said, gradually moving her hands up, gently caressing the sides of the princess's body

The princess blushed. "Oh Marcy... fine... but please do it gently."

"You sure you don't want it a little rougher?" she said, hands reaching to grope PB's soft, sticky breasts

Bonnibel blushed. "Start off gently please... I need to ease into it."

"Hmm, well, which hole do you want it in?" she said bluntly, already starting to grind the tip of the dildo against her naked body

Bonnibel blushed, "Vaginal... and please ease into it." she repeated

"Alright, pussy it is" she said, moving around to PB's front, gently sticking the tip of the strap-on into her moist, pink slit

Bonnibel moaned, feeling the large phallus enter her body, quite a tight fit.

"You like that?" she said, slowly sliding it deeper into her

Bonnibel gasped. "Yes... faster~"

"Are you sure?" she teased. "Think you can take it?"

Bonniebel blushed, "Just a tad."

She went in faster, thrusting herself into PB's juicy hole harder this time

Bonnibel moaned loudly. "Ohhhhhhhhh Marcy~"

"Yeah, you like that, PB?" she said, thrusting into her again, with more force, gradually building up a harder and faster rhythm.

Bonnibel moaned, "Ahhhhhhhhhh~!" She pulled Marcy's hair and kissed her passionately.

Marcy returned the kiss, biting softly at her lips, and pulling hard on PB's own hair

Bonnibel continued kissing her, and PB's hair came off in a big blob of gum.

Marceline pulled back. "Oh, sorry about that" she tried clumsily to stick the hair back on

Bonnibel pulled her close "I needed a hair cut... now stop trying to stick it back on."

She shrugged, shoving the big wad of her hair into her mouth, chewing it and blowing large pink bubbles

Bonnibel sighed. "Marcy... couldn't you have wait to do that?"

She shook her head, blowing another bubble

Bonnibel sighed. "Marcy..." She frowned since Marceline was paying more attention to the wad of gum than to her.

She spit out the gum onto the ground. "Sorry, would you rather me get a mouthful of bubblegum where you can feel it?" she said with a devilish, sultry grin.

Bonnibel blushed. "If you mean oral, yes.~" She kissed her.

She smiled. "First, I want you to suck me off" she said, thrusting her hips forwards, pointing to her dildo

Bonnibel blushed. "Fine." She knelt before the vampire queen and licked the peppermint dildo.

"Fuck yeah, suck it" she said, thrusting her hips a bit

Bonnibel blushed starting to suck it.

"Yeah, get that whole thing in your mouth, real deep" she said, moaning

Bonnibel does so, breathing through her nose, going in and out hitting her uvula gently.

"Shit Bonnie, you know how to give a blowjob like a champ" she gave her hair a pleasant little stroke, before saying "Alright, that's enough, it's my turn to eat you out"

Bonnibel blushed. "Oh you.... how are we going to do that in the shower?"

She kneels down, her face right in front of PB's slit. There was just barely enough room for her to fit in the shower, but it worked

Marceline stuck out her forked tongue, deftly working it into PB's folds

She continued with her licking, using her tongue to explore deeper and deeper into PB, before running her serpentine tongue over her clit.

Bonnie moaned. "Ahhhhhh~ Marcy please~"

She keeps going, working her two fingers into her pussy, while her tongue continued to stimulate her clit

Bonnie moaned, "That's the stuff... ohhhhh~"

Marceline continued playing with her, awaiting when she could get a sweet mouthful of her gummy cum

Bonnie moaned loudly, releasing a loud of gummy cum on her face and tongue.

Marceline licked all of her fluids up, chewing it, adoring its sweet taste

Bonnibel moaned.

"Yeah, you like that?" Marceline said.

Bonnibel moaned, "Yes, I did~" She panted.

Marceline continued to work her tongue in and around Bonnibel's pussy, the Princess moaning wildly the whole time

"You gonna cum for me?" she said

Bonnibel blushed. "I'm close, just move your tongue a little deeper."

She grins, pushing her tongue a bit further into her lover

Bonnibel moaned, cumming on Marcy and slipped while trying to reposition herself and rammed Marcy's head in deeper. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~!"

Marceline didn't stop, continuing to prod her tongue even deeper

"Marcy~ Ohhh Marcy~" Bonnibel moaned as her pussy sucked the vampire queen in deeper. The princess continued moaning loving every lick of her lovers tongue and the feeling of Marcy's head hitting the slowly opening cervix.

Marceline pushed herself further, feeling her head enter PB's womb.

"Marcy, please~ I don't think I can handle much more~!" Bonnibel moaned as she felt Marcy pushing herself inside. "Ohhhhh~"

Marceline refused to stop, squirming around, her shoulders now all the way inside of her, and she continued to wiggle, getting deeper and deeper

Bonnibel moaned, her body pulling Marcy in despite her own wishes.
"Marcy, please, please stop, I've got things to do later! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh~!"

Marceline struggled, trying to worm her way out of PB, but she was far too deep to escape, and PB's insides were incredibly sticky, gluing her to the spot, so she could only hope to move deeper

Bonnibel moaned. "Ahhhh, Marcy... are you stuck?" She tried pulling her out by her hips but her grip slipped causing Marcy to slide in farther. "Ahhhhhhh!" She moaned, feeling the walls of her pussy pull her in deeper, wanting all of the queen inside.

Marceline was now up to her waist, still struggling a bit, trying to push away with her arms, but, unfortunately for her, her arms were completely tracked. 

Bonnibel thought as she moaned. "maybe if I try it again... please glob let me get her out." She held Marcy's hips trying to keep a firm grip, pulling the vampire queen out of her womb and womanhood. Bonnibel pulled as hard as she could, but her grip slipped causing the gum deep inside her to pull Marceline farther inside her gummy womb.

Marceline's hips were now completely swallowed up, leaving only her legs to kick and thrash, as she felt her own pussy brush up against the inside of PB

Bonnibel panted, feeling Marcy enter deeper inside her pussy. "Ohhh Marcy, I can't pull you out... every time I try you go deeper and get stuck more and more." She rubbed her belly. "I guess I'm gonna have to suck you up and cum you out before my meeting in 30 minutes." She said, holding her feet and pushing Marcy's legs in deeper, moaning as she did so.

Marceline kicked a bit. "Are you really pushing me in?" she shouted, although her complaints were fairly muffled as she entered deeper into PB's fleshy womb

"Yes, I have an idea!" She shouted back.
She sucked Marcy's long legs and feet inside, forcing Marcy into a curl.

Marcy curled up into a ball, her entire body surrounded by warm, soft, sweet-smelling bubblegum flesh. "Oh, what's your plan?" she said, her voice just above audible 

"I'm going to cum you out." She replied, blushing deeply, seeing the dildo that had slid off during her entry.

Marceline grumbled, before getting a sly look on her face. "You know what? This is super sexy in a weird way, let's do this" Marceline shifted around, so her pussy was pointed in such a direction that if PB were to pleasure herself with the dildo, it would be inside Marceline too.

Bonnibel gulped, blushing as she felt the movements of Marcy in her womb. "Ok... are you ready?" She asked grabbing the dildo of the shower floor.

"Ready as I'll ever be" she said, feeling herself becoming wet already, from how bizarrely arousing her situation was.

Bonnibel slowly slid the peppermint dildo into her pink bubblegum slit. "Ohhhhh~"

Marceline moaned, feeling the tip of the dildo enter her body. "Oh glob" she said, panting. "F-fuck"

Bonnibel moaned continuing to slide it in and outside her soaking pussy. Bonnibel had her hand on one of the many visible lumps on her belly, she could tell Marceline's head was toward the top of her abdomen, right next to what she could guess were shoulders then toward the bottom of her belly was Marcy's knees facing two different directions, telling the princess her prey's legs were open. Deep inside the princess' warm womb, the walls were continuing to produce rich, and thick gummy cum to hold Marcy in place until the time was right.

Marceline's own pussy was soaked, as she was penetrated along with Bonnie, moaning uncontrollably.

Bonnibel continued going faster. "Ahhhhhhhhh~"

"F-f-fuck!" Marceline shouted, almost close to orgasm herself. "B-Bonnie!"

Bonnibel moaned, but she's not even close, and continues going faster for her lover that was deep inside her gummy womb.

"S-shit, I think I'm gonna come first!" she shouted, squirming around, PB's round, pink stomach bulging and wobbling from her movements within

PB held her belly with one hand, feeling Marceline's orgasmic movements inside. "Ohhhhh Marcy~" She continued with the other.

Marceline took a deep breath, trying to prevent herself from climaxing too soon

Bonnibel continued going faster, and harder.

Marceline continued to moan and yelp uncontrollably.

Bonnibel moaned holding her moving belly, before cumming Marceline out violently, the Vampire Queen sliding out of her pussy, her entire body moist and slick, covered head to toe in PB's sexual fluids.

Marceline stuttered a bit, before climaxing, her own sexual fluids mixing with PB's, forming a puddle of pussy juice on the shower floor.

Bonnibel rinsed off quickly. "Well, I'll be off." She said kissing Marcy on the cheek. "I'll see you later?"

Marceline smiled. "Yeah, happy Valentine's day"
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